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Resvent iBreeze 20A Auto CPAP with Heated Humidifier
Resvent iBreeze 20A Auto CPAP with Heated Humidifier

Resvent iBreeze 20A Auto CPAP with Heated Humidifier

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The resvent iBreeze auto features the REG algorithm technology that continuously monitors for respiratory events guaranteeing the optimal level of therapy throughout sleep. The iBreeze has leakage compensation, circuit compensation, and altitude compensation for the best accuracy and synchronization. The iBreeze also provides iPR or intelligent pressure release that helps make therapy more comfortable by decreasing the pressure during the breath cycle. 

Product Features:

  • Auto titrating algorithm tailors the therapy pressure to the patient's needs by monitoring their breathing breath-by-breath.    
  • The Ramp and auto ramp feature allows the machine starting pressure to be adjusted between 3 and the set therapy pressure in increments of 5 minutes for up to 60 minutes. Ramp lowers the starting pressure to a more comfortable level and gradually ramps up to prescribed pressure over the set time. Auto ramp is also available and allows the cpap algorithm to determine when sleep onset occurs and then initiates the ramp feature for the specified time. 
  • Easy to use controls and color LCD screen make it simple to navigate menus and customize comfort settings.
  • Auto Start if enabled allows you to begin therapy as soon as you breathe into your mask. When the machine senses you breathing through the mask it automatically starts. 
  • Auto Stop if enabled will stop the flow of air after a few seconds when you remove your mask.
  • Heated humidifier is built-in so you can enjoy the benefits of humidification in one easy-to-use system. The humidifier can be turned off, on with 8 adjustment settings, or auto for 85% relative humidity. 
  • Adjustable screen with three brightness levels and energy saving mode that dims the screen after 30 seconds or 3 minutes based on activity. 
  • Preheat for humidifier allows you to warm the humidifier water before starting therapy. 
  • 15mm or 19mm tubing option allows you to use either tubing with your machine.
  • Quiet motor at approximately 28 dBA. 
  • Clinical information available on device screen.

Technical Specifications:

  • Weight - CPAP in case with power supply and tubing (no mask): Approximately 5.6 lbs
  • Dimensions - CPAP with tubing adapter: 9.5" L x 7"W x 5"H
  • Dimensions - Travel case: 13.5"L x 9"W x 7"H
  • Humidifier Chamber Capacity: 290 mL
  • Operating Pressure: 4 - 20 cm H2O
  • Sound Level: 28 dBA
  • AC Power Input - 100-240V, 50-60Hz, 2.0 A Max
  • DC Power Input 24V - 2.5A
  • Warranty: 2 Years through manufacturer

What's in the Box:

  • resvent iBreeze 20A  Auto CPAP Machine with built-in heated humidifier and water chamber.
  • Classic 19mm breathing tube (3M length)
  • AC Power Supply and cord
  • Canvas travel bag
  • Standard inlet filter (installed in machine) plus two extras. 
  • SD data card (installed in machine)
  • Patient user's manual
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