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ResMed Swift™ FX / Swift FX for Her Nasal Pillows System

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If you are purchasing a new CPAP, Auto CPAP or BiLevel (BiPAP) machine, humidifier or an oxygen concentrator, then federal law requires that we receive a copy of a prescription written by your doctor. A sleep study report does not qualify as a prescription.  Also, the purchase of complete CPAP masks does require a prescription.  (*** Note that the component parts that make up the mask DO NOT require a prescription! ***)
The prescription must state that it is for CPAP therapy and at what pressure your machine should be set. If you are purchasing a standard CPAP machine (one that operates at a constant pressure), then the prescription must show one pressure setting, which is generally a number between 4 and 20 and measured in cm of H2O. If you are purchasing an Auto CPAP machine, then your prescription must state two different pressures: A low (minimum) pressure setting and a high (maximum) pressure setting. If you are purchasing a BiLevel machine, then your prescription must state two pressure settings: An inspiratory (IPAP) setting and an expiratory (EPAP) setting.  If you are purchasing an Oxygen Concentrator, the prescription should have the flow rate stated in Liters per minute. 
Prescriptions can be faxed to us at 888-469-2555, or we can accept a scanned copy of your prescription by emailing it to us at [email protected].

Please note that orders for machines, concentrators, or complete masks will NOT be shipped until we receive a copy of your prescription!

ResMed Swift™ FX / Swift FX for Her Nasal Pillows System
ResMed Swift™ FX / Swift FX for Her Nasal Pillows System


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Style / Option
Swift FX - 61500
Swift FX for Her - 61540
Swift FX for Her w/ Bella HG - 61560 Add $15
Swift FX w/ Gray Bella HG - 61568 Add $15
How will you send your Prescription?
I will send my prescription via email
I will send my prescription via fax
A copy of my prescription is on file
Send me the parts kit (no Rx Req)


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Copyright Note:

All product images and information used with permission of ResMed, Copyright 2010
Prescription Required

Don't have a prescription™ Don't like the price™ Why pay more for a complete mask! Save money and order just the parts you need without a prescription! Click the link below for a complete line of replacement parts for the Swift  FX.

** Note - This product is packaged as the "For Him" or "For Her" versions that are directed at male or female CPAP users. The Swift Fx for Him is packaged with small, medium, and large sized pillows, while the Swift FX for Her comes with slightly smaller headgear, pink colored elastic and soft wraps, and extra small, small, and medium sized pillows.  Both versions are also available with optional "Bella" headgear that loops around the ears instead of wrapping around the head. The Bella versions also include the standard for him or for her headgear in addition to the Bella loops.  

Whats a parts kit? 

The parts kit is the Swift FX headgear, Swift FX short tube or frame, and one set of nasal pillows in the size selected. If you choose this option you do not need a prescription but you will need to assemble the mask yourself. 

The ResMed Swift™ FX Nasal Pillows System represents continuing innovation and improvements in the already hugely popular and successful Swift™  LT series.  The Swift™  FX now incorporates a soft, pliable design for the entire mask system - no hard parts at all to irritate your face!  The snug headgear straps do the work of maintaining the seal, so the fit feels loose and there's no need to overtighten the headgear.  The innovative vent design delivers super-quiet mask performance and gently disperses air away from patient and bed partner.  The new design of the self-guiding nasal pillows are easy and intuitive to adjust, and they partially inflate with air and press gently against your nose for a secure, stable, yet gentle seal, even at higher pressures.

Product Features:

  • Dual-wall nasal pillows seal on contact for a gentle, comfortable seal, offer a wide fit range and disperse air gently to the nose.
  • Soft, narrow cushion with integrated flexible chamber makes side sleeping comfortable and helps maintain seal during movement.
  • Quiet vents diffuse and direct airflow quietly away from the user and bed partner, delivering super-quiet mask performance.
  • Soft silicone headgear embraces the face gently and needs minimal adjustment - the default setting fits most users.
  • Soft wraps over the headgear enhance comfort at the cheeks.
  • Swift™ FX users can sleep on their side or their back, positioning the tube as desired.


What's in the Box:

  • ResMed Swift™ FX Nasal Pillows interface
  • Headgear
  • With a prescription, you get the Fitpack that includes three sizes of pillows: (S, M, L) with the for Him or (XS, S, M) with the for Her
  • If you order the parts kit you get one nasal pillow of the size selected. 

5 Stars
My Go-To Mask
Been using these for awhile now. So far, the easiest and most comfortable mask I've found yet
Did you find this helpful?  7 of 8 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from Louisa, VA. on 10/26/2015
5 Stars
Great mask, very comfortable, great website.
Did you find this helpful?  4 of 5 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from Michigan. on 9/17/2015
5 Stars
Great for beards and mustaches
If you got a mustache or full beard nasal pillows are the way to go. I have used this system for better part of a decade now and generally been very happy. There can be an adjustment period when switching from a full mask as the pillows can initially irritate the nostril openings until the tissues toughen up in a couple of days. Once that happens leakage problem are a thing of the past. The silicone pillow system is soft and flexible and it works in all sleep positions. I am an "alligator roll" sleeper; constantly switching from back to side to stomach to side to back all night long, In the morning my new S10 reports no leakage issues and no apnea episodes. My wife (no mustache) switched from a full mask to pillows and hasn't gone back.
Did you find this helpful?  2 of 3 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from San Jose CA. on 1/30/2019
5 Stars
CPAP user
So pleased with this kit. My CPAP is several years old, and over time the mask stretched out a little so that I couldn't get a good seal. This kit solved the problem, was very easy to set up. Great price, too.
Did you find this helpful?  1 of 2 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from WA. on 9/9/2019
5 Stars
User-friendly site, easy to order items, on-time delivery and excellent service.
Did you find this helpful?  1 of 1 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from Hatboro, PA. on 3/2/2019
5 Stars
I have been using an AirFit P10 mask for several years, but I got tired of the head strap's short lifespan. So I tried this mask. This one was disappointing. Much louder, and has an annoying airstream out of the front, compared to the P10. Pretty much unusable. So I figured out a way to attach the head strap from this mask to my old P10 pillows and hose.
Did you find this helpful?  0 of 1 Found Helpful
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Elizabeth. on 11/18/2019
5 Stars
Love the product. Customer service was excelent
Did you find this helpful? 
Reviewed by:  from CHANDLER. on 9/14/2018

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