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ResMed S8 Elite™ II CPAP Machine with H4i™ Integrated Heated Humidifier

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If you are purchasing a new CPAP, Auto CPAP or BiLevel (BiPAP) machine, humidifier or an oxygen concentrator, then federal law requires that we receive a copy of a prescription written by your doctor. A sleep study report does not qualify as a prescription.  Also, the purchase of complete CPAP masks does require a prescription.  (*** Note that the component parts that make up the mask DO NOT require a prescription! ***)
The prescription must state that it is for CPAP therapy and at what pressure your machine should be set. If you are purchasing a standard CPAP machine (one that operates at a constant pressure), then the prescription must show one pressure setting, which is generally a number between 4 and 20 and measured in cm of H2O. If you are purchasing an Auto CPAP machine, then your prescription must state two different pressures: A low (minimum) pressure setting and a high (maximum) pressure setting. If you are purchasing a BiLevel machine, then your prescription must state two pressure settings: An inspiratory (IPAP) setting and an expiratory (EPAP) setting.  If you are purchasing an Oxygen Concentrator, the prescription should have the flow rate stated in Liters per minute. 
Prescriptions can be faxed to us at 888-469-2555, or we can accept a scanned copy of your prescription by emailing it to us at [email protected].

Please note that orders for machines, concentrators, or complete masks will NOT be shipped until we receive a copy of your prescription!

ResMed S8 Elite™ II CPAP Machine with H4i™ Integrated Heated Humidifier
ResMed S8 Elite™ II CPAP Machine with H4i™ Integrated Heated Humidifier

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About MIRP Pricing

** Note - we are frequently asked what the difference is between the ResMed S8 Elite II and the S8 Escape II models.  They are essentially identical machines, except that the Elite II records detailed data pertaining to the patient's breathing patterns, pressures and leakage rates, whereas the Escape only records usage and compliance data.  Both machines now offer EPR, which offers some "softening" of the pressure when the patient begins to exhale.

ResMed has made some key design changes to their already excellent S8 platform of CPAP machines to make them even better. 

First, they developed a unique low-inertia, dual-stage motor that rotates at much lower speeds than motors in traditional CPAP devices.  Being dual-stage allows it to perform more efficiently at the lower speeds, resulting in exceptionally low noise levels of 26 dB.  This revolutionary motor is also encapsulated in a protective silicon envelope that partially inflates with air and further isolates the unit from shock and vibration.  ResMed wraps it up in a durable thermoplastic housing for additional protection and sound-deadening.  This produces a machine that is noticeably quieter than its competitors.

Features & Benefits

  • Small, lightweight system 
  • New whisper-quiet operation is 75% quieter than before
  • New Easy-Breathe technology ™ ResMed™s revolutionary new therapy system
  • New and improved EPR™ with Easy-Breathe technology for enhanced patient breathing comfort -  offers pressure relief delivered in a smooth waveform that mimics patient breathing, with a choice of three different EPR™ comfort levels
  • Personal Assistant

    • Customizable reminders for accessory replacements and provider callbacks
    • Automatic data back-up
    • LCD communication during interaction

  • ResScan Data Card

    • Daily compliance downloads with AutoScan software
    • Treatment changes
    • Personal Assistant reminders

  • Pressure ramp (0-45 min)
  • 12/24V DC power input
  • Automatic power adjustment (100V-240V)
  • Manual altitude adjustment
  • Large LCD screen


Performance: Operating pressure range: 4 to 20 cm H2O

Dimensions (H x W x D): 4.6™ x 6.5™ x 5.7™ (112 mm x 164 mm x 145 mm)

Weight: 2.9lb (1.3 kg)

Power Supply

Input range:

  • 100™240V, 50/60Hz; 110V, 400Hz; 2.5A
  • Refer to the DC-12 converter instructions for DC ratings. Only use the ResMed DC-12 converter for DC input.

Actual power consumption will vary depending on factors such as the use of accessories, height above sea level, and ambient temperature. Power consumption values for typical treatment conditions (using a breathing machine set to 0.5 L and 15 breaths/min with 2 m (6™ 6™) air tubing and an Ultra MirageTM mask) are given in the following table.

Device Pressure (cm H2O) Power (VA) Power (W)
  5 17 8
  10 23 12
  15 29 16
  20 34 20

Power outlet for Accessory

Note: Accessory currently not available.
Outlet range: 100™240V, 50/60Hz; 110V, 400Hz; 2.0A

Air Filter: Two-layered, powder-bonded, polyester non-woven fiber

Air Tubing: Flexible plastic, 2 m (6™ 6™)

IEC 60601-1 Classifications: Class II (double insulation), Type CF


Data Card

Dimensions (L x W x D): 2.56™ x 0.87™ x 0.03™ (65.04 mm x 22.15 mm x 0.85 mm)

Data Card Module

Dimensions (H x W x D): 1.95™ x 1.66™ x 0.47™ (49.7 mm x 42.2 mm x 12 mm)

All Devices (Where Applicable)

Housing Construction: Flame retardant engineering thermoplastic

Environmental Conditions

Operating Temperature: +41øF to +104øF (+5øC to +40øC)
Operating Humidity: 10%™95% non-condensing
Storage and Transport Temperature: -4øF to +140øF (-20øC to +60øC)
Storage and Transport Humidity: 10%™95% non-condensing
Operating Altitude: sea level to 8500™ (2591 m)

Electromagnetic Compatibility

Product complies with all applicable electromagnetic compatibility requirements (EMC) according to IEC60601-1-2, for residential, commercial, and light industry environments.

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