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Philips Respironics System One 60 Series REMStar Auto CPAP with A-Flex, Integrated Heated Humidifier and Heated Tubing

Item Id: DS560TS
Coupon Code: DS560TS
Philips Respironics System One 60 Series REMStar Auto CPAP with A-Flex, Integrated Heated Humidifier and Heated Tubing
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Philips Respironics PR SYSTEM ONE REMSTAR AUTO brings a wide array of proven technologies together with patient focused advancements to create a truly intelligent sleep therapy system.

Everything You Expect and More
The System One REMstar Auto includes all of the great features you expect from a sleep therapy system including a wide pressure range (4-20cm), patient adjustable ramp, automatic altitude adjustment, data card, the latest "flex" comfort technologies, and a universal power supply. In addition the REMstar Auto is an auto-adjusting CPAP system so it will adjust your therapy levels throughout the night to ensure you are receiving optimum pressure for the most comfortable and successful sleep experience.

Flex Family Technologies
Respironics natural and clinically-proven "flex" technologies enhance traditional pressure therapy to improve comfort and increase compliance. Thanks to the advanced Digital Auto-Trak algorithm that detects the onset of inspiration and exhalation, the REMstar Auto delivers just the right pressure relief for every breath, making it easier for patients to adapt to therapy.

SYSTEM ONE CPAP HEATED HUMIDIFIERSystem One Humidity Control with Dry Box Technology
The System One device incorporates a room temperature and humidity sensor with a  temperature sensor at the end of the Heated Tube to deliver the selected level of humidity to the user while providing protection against rainout. As a result, higher levels of humidity can be achieved for patients who could benefit from humidification. Dry Box technology isolates the humidfier's water source from the inner workings of the device to protect against accidental spillage and water damage.

System One Resistance Control
System One Resistance Control achieves complete system comfort by enabling the device and mask to work optimally together. Through simple settings, the technology instructs the device to compensate for variable resistance characteristics related to different masks. The result is synchronous pressure delivery and the assurance you can enjoy the full benefits of Respironics Flex comfort technologies no matter which mask is used.

Advanced Event Detection & Response
The System One Sleep Therapy System tracks many common OSA related systems like Apnea Hypopnea Index, Flow Limitation, Respiratory Effort Related Arousal, Snores, and Leaks; but it can also detect symptoms beyond classic OSA. With intelligent technology the System One REMstar Auto can identify conditions such as clear airway apneas and periodic breathing that may indicate the need for specialized therapy.
Click here for more details about Respironics’ A-Flex technology

Product Features

  • Superior comfort on inhale and exhale with new A-Flex™ technology
  • Digital Auto-Trak Sensitivity tracks and responds to each breath to trigger A-Flex
  • Proactive autoset algorithm looks for and adjusts to the patient’s pressure needs based on their breathing patterns
  • Swivel tubing connection on top of unit makes it easy to place unit and convenient to access water chamber
  • Primary, tactile control buttons for easy on/off, ramp and C-Flex setting change
  • Primary buttons have backlight for easy activation, even in the dark
  • Integrated heated humidification platform
  • Clear humidifier chamber is visible from front of machine, making it easy to check water  level without removing chamber
  • Enhanced compliance reporting statistics include humidification use and C-Flex setting
  • Deluxe ramp capabilities allow a 0 - 45 minute time period with a patient-adjustable ramp start pressure
  • Lightweight device weighs just over 2 lbs.
  • Slide-resistant bottom pads to prevent device movement during sleep
  • Automatic altitude compensation
  • Extremely quiet operation
  • 4 - 20 cm H2O pressure range
  • DC operation with optional DC power adapter cord (sold separately) - can be powered from a battery source (sold separately)
  • Washable pollen filters and optional ultra-fine filters
  • 2-year warranty
  • Product Specifications

    • Modes of Operation: CPAP, CPAP w/C-Flex, Auto-CPAP,
      Auto-CPAP w/C-Flex, Auto CPAP w/A-Flex
    • Pressure 4 to 20 cm H2O
    • Ramp Time 0 to 45 min. (5-min. increments)
    • Starting Ramp Pressure 4 up to CPAP pressure; user adjustable
    • Dimensions (with Hum) 10.25” L x 6.8” W x 4” H
    • Dimensions in Travel Case 14.5” L x 7.5” W x 8.25” H
    • Weight (with Hum) 4.2 lbs
    • Weight (in Case w/ hum, tubing, etc.) 6.5 lbs
    • Filters Pollen and optional ultra-fine
    • Device Set-Up LCD/Dial and Encore Pro
    • Data Storage Capacity Display: 7 and 30 day averages (minimum)
    • Data Storage Content SmartCard: Date/time, hours of use, usage patterns, FOSQ, Compliance Monitoring, Breathing detection, and Altitude Compensation (low, medium or high)
    • Electrical Requirements 100 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
    • Humidification Integrated Heated Humidifier
    • DC Power Direct connect cord (sold separately), 12 VDC
    • Warranty 2 Year Manufacturer
    • Special User Features Auto on/off, mask off alert

    What's in the Box:

    • Philips Respironics System One REMstar Auto CPAP Machine with A-Flex
    • Philip Respironics System One REMstar Integrated Heated Humidifier
    • Replacement air filters
    • Canvas Travel Bag
    • 6-foot heated breathing tube
    • SD Card and module for event data storage 
    • Printed User Manual and Clinician Quick-Setup Guide
    • AC Power Cord
    ** A valid prescription is required for the purchase of this product.
    U.S. Sales Only
    We are only authorized to sell and ship Respironics products to end-users residing in the United States.
    Manufacturers Note:
    Respironics recommends that new patients purchase their devices, masks and initial accessories from a homecare company that can provide an individualized patient equipment set-up, clinical and after-sales support, and a program to assist patients with therapy success.
    Patient Support
    ** BestCPAPprice provides the following patient support: telephone and email support with respect to therapy questions and problems, device re-titration and calibration, replacement accessories and supplies available for purchase, after-sales service and support.
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    excellent service in delivering product highly recommend the service to others
    Reviewed by: James D. Freels from Clinton, TN. on 2/12/2014

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